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Power-Saw Safety Tips

Monday,May 02, 2011

Whether you're remodeling a basement, fixing a porch or building a deck, chances are you'll use a power saw.

Power saws make any home fix-it job easier, but be careful! Contact with saw blades spinning at 5,000 revolutions per minute sends more than 91,000 people to the emergency room every year.

"Kickback," a hazard inherent to all power saws regardless of brand or style, is a leading cause of power-saw injuries. It occurs when the material being cut binds or pinches the saw blade. In a split second, kickback can jerk the saw out of your hands or shoot the piece of wood you're cutting back toward you.
"Kickback is common to anyone who picks up a power saw, whether you're a professional carpenter or a weekend do-it-your-selfer," said John Drengenberg, manager of consumer affairs for Underwriters Laboratories, a non-for-profit organization that evaluates products for public safety.


Skylight Falls

Monday,May 02, 2011

Although they are highly desirable in both residential and commercial construction, skylights are incredibly dangerous for anyone on a roof in their vicinity. Improperly safeguarded or unmarked skylights pose a significant risk to workers as well as home and business owners who are exposed to them. Traversing the roof of a building is inherently dangerous enough without the added hazard of a hidden or unprotected skylight. According to a recent report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80 workers were injured in falls through skylights and an additional 100 were injured in falls through existing roof openings. In another recent report, 34 workers lost their lives due to falls through skylights and roof openings. What is most alarming about these statistics is that there are simple measures employers and property owners can take to better protect staff and visitors, and lower the risk of a potentially deadly fall. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends the following precautionary steps be taken:

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- Accidents resulting in
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