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Set forth below are summaries of several cases currently being litigated by the lawyers at Faddis & Faddis, P.A.


Pharmaceutical / Pharmacist Negligence - Eye Injury / Blindness (Marion County)

In these three separate cases, each of our three clients was undergoing routine cataract surgery in Ocala when they were blinded in one eye by an improperly compounded Vancomycin antibiotic solution. A chemical analysis of the solution injected into the patients' eyes showed that it had a pH of 3.9 when it should have been 7.3-7.5. Further, the solution contained no sodium chloride (salt), which is necessary as both a buffer to maintain the pH and to more closely match the natural fluid of the eye. As a result of this toxic insult to the eye, each patient developed a rare injury called Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome or TASS.

Importantly, the pharmacy technician responsible for compounding the Vancomycin solution destroyed the solution once she was informed that there was a problem. Rather than preserve the solution for comprehensive analysis, she decided it was best to dispose of the materials. Thankfully, the surgeon who performed the cataract surgeries and injected the toxic solution into our clients' eyes recognized that something was wrong with the solution, so he saved what little remained in the bottle he was provided by the pharmacy and sent it off for the analysis that revealed the pharmacy utilized the wrong solution to compound the antibiotic.

Rather than admit responsibility for blinding three completely innocent people through its own negligence, the pharmacy and pharmacist chose to deny wrongdoing and challenge the results of the chemical analysis performed on the solution preserved by the surgeon. Unbelievably, the pharmacy and pharmacist are defending the case by arguing that the universally-accepted testing methodology employed by the laboratory was faulty while completely ignoring the fact that its own employee destroyed incriminating evidence and attempted to cover up the wrongdoing.


Medical Malpractice / Nursing Home Negligence / Wrongful Death - Failure to Recognize and Treat Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff.) Infection (Orange County)

In this case, our client was admitted to a nursing home for rehabilitation following a hip fracture and surgery. On admission to the nursing home, our client was prescribed a broad-spectrum antibiotic which was widely recognized as significantly increasing her risk of a clostridium difficle (C. Diff.) infection. During the course of her short nursing home stay, our client developed obvious signs of a C. Diff. infection, including loose stools and a significantly elevated white blood cell count.

Despite the obvious signs of significant infection, the physician, nurse practitioner and nursing home staff failed to transport our client to the hospital for necessary, emergency treatment. When our client was finally transported to the hospital at the insistence of her 90 year-old husband, it was too late and she died in the Emergency Department of the hospital. Our elders deserve appropriate medical and nursing home care, and our client did not deserve to have his beloved wife stolen from him by a completely and easily preventable complication of a routine surgery. Had anyone at the nursing home, including the doctor and his nurse practitioner, paid any attention to her signs and symptoms, this wonderful woman would not have died.


Motorcycle/Automobile Accident (Orange County)

In this automobile and motorcycle collision case, our client was sideswiped on his Yamaha motorcycle by a young man driving his father's Ferrari 550 Maranello in Orlando, Florida. The Ferrari driver was permitted to drive the sports car while his parents were out of the country on vacation. After stopping to show off the car to a former girlfriend, the Ferrari driver took a friend, who is an automobile mechanic, for a ride. Shortly after leaving the ex-girlfriend's home, the Ferrari driver noticed the parking brake light was illuminated; he could not figure out how to disengage the parking brake; and his friend indicated he should pull over in order to avoid causing damage to the brakes on the ultra-exclusive Ferrari.

While the Ferrari was driving down the inside, left lane of the road, our client was approaching in the right lane on his motorcycle. As a result of being distracted and scared of the prospect of a costly brake job on his father's prized possession, the Ferrari driver darted across the road without looking for our client in an effort to stop the car and determine the cause of the brake problem. Unfortunately for our client, at that exact time, he was driving past the Ferrari in the right lane and he had absolutely no opportunity to avoid the collision with the Ferrari.

As a result of the accident, our client suffered a significant closed head injury, spinal cord injury and multiple orthopaedic injuries.


Premises Liability / Trip and Fall - Wrongful Death (Clay County)

This case involves the tragic death of a legally blind elderly man from massive head injuries he suffered in a fall caused by a severely damaged concrete parking stop in a convenience store parking lot. While walking into the store to buy some snacks, our client's cane, which he used due to his blindness, became stuck in a cracked and broken parking stop in front of the store. As he walked and the cane jammed into the broken concrete, our client lost his balance, fell, and struck his head on the concrete curb leading from the parking lot to the sidewalk in front of the store.

On two separate occasions, the store manager requested that the property owner repair the severely damaged and dilapidated parking stops pursuant to the terms of their lease agreement for the property. When his first request went unfulfilled, the store manager again requested the repairs be made. Again, his request went unfulfilled. Importantly, the store manager testified that the reason he wanted to parking stops fixed was that they presented a danger to his customers. Sadly, he was correct, as our client died as a direct result of these broken, dilapidated, and dangerous parking stops.

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