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Products Liability - Lawnmower Fire (Lake County)

In this interesting case, our client purchased a commercial zero turn radius (ZTR) mower to cut the grass on his five acre parcel of land in Astor, Florida. One day, our client set out to mow his grass, but as he traveled about 100 feet, he smelled gasoline. He looked to his left and saw gas spraying under pressure beneath his seat and next to one of the gas tanks. Recognizing the serious danger of the situation, he turned off the mower and lifted his weight from the seat to leave the area. However, as his weight shifted off the seat, the seat activated engine kill switch activated and created a spark. This spark immediately ignited the gasoline that had sprayed and vaporized. Our client was engulfed in a huge fireball that serious burned him and the machine.

In total, our client was burned with first and second degree burns over 20 percent of his body, including his face, neck, arms, and hands. In fact, the only places on his upper body that were not burned were those areas covered by his shirt at the time of the fire. Following the fire, the burns blistered severely and required an excruciatingly painful process known as debridement to remove the dead tissue in order to prevent infection and promote healing. The debridement consisted of daily removal of dead tissue by picking it off with tweezers and by scrubbing the burned areas with an abrasive pad and hydrogen peroxide solution. As you might imagine, the burns, and subsequent debridements were exceptionally painful for our client, who suffered great pain-even with narcotic pain medications.

During our investigation into the fire, we discovered that this manufacturer has had other similar mowers either catch fire or explode as a result of similar problems. In fact, in late 2006 a jury awarded the family of a South Carolina man $6,000,000.00 as a result of an explosion that killed him while he was riding one of this company's mowers. Clearly, this company was aware of significant problems with its products that caused serious injury and death.


Auto Accident (Orange County)

In this automobile accident case, our client was stopped in traffic on the East West Expressway in downtown Orlando when a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed in the opposite direction veered out of control and crossed the median into her lane of travel. She was absolutely stuck and could do nothing but watch the other driver's SUV fly through the air towards her as she sat trapped in her car. The other driver's SUV landed on top of her car and caused serious and permanent injuries to her shoulder, which required an extensive surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff and chronic nerve impingement. Unfortunately, the first surgery was not successful and she must now undergo a second surgery in an attempt to repair her accident-related injuries.

Although the surgery was essentially a success, our client has been left with permanently reduced strength in her right arm and shoulder and recurrent chronic pain in that area. She has undergone lengthy physical therapy regimens as well as numerous cortisone and nerve blocking shots with little relief. In addition to the significant physical injuries, she suffered from post traumatic insomnia, nightmares, and significantly increased anxiety surrounding driving or even being a passenger in a car after the accident.


Will Contest (Lake County)

Faddis & Faddis represents a young man who managed a dairy in Fruitland Park in a will contest action involving a will and trust signed by his long-time employer which greatly reduced his inheritance and effectively transferred land worth $50,000,000.00, which had historically been an operational dairy farm, to a lawyer and pastor who succeeded in having the woman change her estate documents shortly before her tragic death from highly aggressive abdominal cancer. In the final months of the woman's life, her mental and physical health began to deteriorate as she battled cancer..

When she decided she needed to be hospitalized, the pastor took her to the lawyer's office to sign critical documents making significant changes to her estate documents before they took her to the hospital. At that pre-hospitalization meeting, the lawyer and pastor, who were aware of the huge value of the woman's land, had her execute documents that resulted in them becoming the primary beneficiaries of the trust that holds the $50,000,000.00 land.

Through the years, the woman had fought to prevent development of surrounding lands being consumed by The Villages and surrounding areas. She fought to maintain her farm as an operational dairy that was not to be developed. However, as soon as she died, the lawyer, pastor, and the trust they created for themselves began the process of having the land rezoned for development in order to increase its marketability and sales value. The change in estate documents executed by the woman shortly before her death was so shocking to her prior, long-time lawyer, that he notified our client that something was wrong and that there may have been some undue influence exerted on her during her time of need and sickness. In fact, early investigation into the matter has revealed that the lawyer had been previously disciplined by The Florida Bar for knowingly submitting a fraudulent will to probate in Lake County, Florida.


Maritime Injury - Jones Act - Death Aboard Ship (Hillsborough County)

Faddis & Faddis represents the family of a young man killed in an industrial accident aboard a ship docked in the Port of Tampa. Our clients' son was working on a ship transporting frozen orange juice concentrate when he and another employee were trapped in a freezer and froze to death.

Although our investigation has just begun, it appears that the young men were killed when liquid nitrogen, used as a refrigerant to keep the juice concentrate frozen, leaked and caused a quick and drastic decrease in the temperature. Unable to escape the area, the men were trapped until someone finally realized they had not been seen in some time. Sadly they were found frozen to death and huddled together to try to stay alive.

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