"Outstanding lawyering"

“Outstanding lawyering. Congratulations and THANK you for the precedent!!! … We all WANTED to take them on. YOU did it! … GREAT work … You did a service to attorneys nationwide.”

- Melvin B. Wright, Esq., Orlando, Fl.


“Congratulations and thanks for your yeoman work in the Bradley case. What a great deal of professional satisfaction it must be for you to know that your labor not only made a difference in the lives of your clients but will allow so many other deserving families to benefit from the law you helped make. Congratulations!!”

- Robert K. Finnel, Esq. Rome, Georgia

“A modern day Don Quixote.”

“A modern day Don Quixote.”

- Bruce B. Blackwell, Esq.

"I have personal Knowledge of his reputation"

“I have personal knowledge of his reputation, his ethics, and his commitment to his clients and his practice. He is respected amongst his peers in both the plaintiffs’ and defense bars, and enjoys an excellent reputation for competency, dedication and trustworthiness.”Jeffrey M. Liggio, Esq.

     - Jeffrey M. Liggio, Esq.
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