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Protect Digital Disaster Article

Martes, 03 de Mayo de 2011 08:53

Protect Children From Digital Disasters

With every post and click your children are creating a digital reputation.  A positive online reputation can open doors for educational scholarship and employment opportunities.  A negative one will have the opposite effect.  Often, your digital reputation is the first impression someone has of you.  That’s one reason parents need to communicate with their children about their digital reputations and to keep checking their Internet activity.

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Bicycle Safety

Martes, 03 de Mayo de 2011 08:50

What You Need to Know if Injured on your Bike

As the coldest winter in 30 years (finally) comes to an end in Central Florida, drivers need to remember that the number of recreational cyclists on the road is about to jump.

Our experienced bicycle accident attorneys are aware that federal statistics show Florida consistently has more bicycle accident deaths than any other state— approximately 120 per year. Many more cyclists are severely injured in the more than 4,000 auto-bike crashes reported by law enforcement annually here.

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Unintended Acceleration Article

Martes, 03 de Mayo de 2011 08:45

Cars Have Become Scary Again

The Wall Street Journal, reacting to growing reports of accidents caused by faulty accelerators and balky braking systems, recently wrote that “cars have become scary again”.

Within days of writing that, Reuters quoted a nationally recognized expert in automotive product safety scheduled to testify before Congress as saying: "Complaints of sudden acceleration soared more than tenfold when Toyota switched to an electronic throttle for the 2002 model year Camry, its best-selling vehicle.”

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Safety on the Road Article

Martes, 03 de Mayo de 2011 08:42

Curbing road rage could help you and other drivers be safe behind the wheel.  Road Rage occurs when people lose their tempers and then drive aggressively, cutting into lanes, tailgating, speeding or honking. According to a recent survey, the behavior is often caused by traffic problems, construction and people being in a rush, but many also say other motorists are to blame. In fact, survey respondents said road rage was most frequently caused by another person’s bad or careless driving.

Which cities have the angriest drivers? According to the fourth annual In the Driver’s Seat Road Rage Survey commissioned by AutoVantage, a leading national auto club, drivers in The Big Apple tend to be the most ticked off. They’re followed by motorists in Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. Paul. This year, New York City unseated Miami, which was 2008’s least-courteous locale. The most courteous cities for drivers were Portland, Cleveland, Baltimore, Sacramento and Pittsburg.

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Play it Safe Concussions

Lunes, 02 de Mayo de 2011 16:56

More than 38 million boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 18 participate in organized youth sports. And while sports can be a fun way to socialize and instill values such as teamwork, physical activity can also mean potential for injuries.

Coaches, parents and athletes need to be on the lookout for injuries, especially more serious types of injuries such as concussions.
Recognizing such injuries and being proactive are key because approximately 3.8 million sports and recreation-related concussions occur in the United States each year. So, what may seem to be a mild bump or blow to the head can often be far more serious.

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