Train and Plane Accidents

Train and plane accidents are not common. As such, there are few attorneys who have the right experience to fight for the monetary damages to which you may be entitled.

Faddis & Faddis is recognized by its peers as one of the top injury firms in the Orlando area. In fact, other attorney’s routinely call us when they need an attorney or a case exceeds their experience and resources. Why do they call us? Read on to find out.


What if the train company or the airline’s insurance company starts throwing money around and issuing idle threats to try to intimidate you into settling for less? Is your attorney equipped to fight back on your behalf? We are.

Faddis & Faddis prepares every case to be tried in front of a jury. Our strong stance and the threat of trial help to eliminate insurance company intimidation or soft settlements in complex train and plane accident cases.

Because we have the resources, experience and reputation, we are often the firm other attorneys call on to step in and step up the pressure.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a train or plane accident—including small private planes—contact us to see if you have a case and how much you might recover.


The sooner you get in touch with Faddis & Faddis, the

sooner you will have the answers to the following questions.

  • Do I have a case?
  • How much might I recover?
  • How can I pay my bills in the meantime?
  • How long will this take to resolve?
  • What should I say if the police or the other side’s insurance company call me?

Read more about our firm and award winning accident attorneys. Remember, you don’t pay any legal fees unless you win monetary damages so why not have the RIGHT experience on your side.

- Accidents resulting in
injuries in 2010

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